• Academic Transcripts

    Domestic students: We'll need to see an Ontario Student Transcript (OST) to make sure you can take the courses you enrol into.

    International Students: Official transcript copies are required to complete the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process. The PLAR determines the starting point in the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

  • Application Form

    A completed and signed application form is required to enrol into courses. The form allows us to establish student records, including the Ontario Student Record (OSR).

    You may fill out the form and email it with supporting documents to admin@jezfiacademy.com

    Application Form 
  • Official Identification

    Copies of photo IDs are required to complete student records. Passports are required for international students, including proof of their
    status, if they are currently in Canada.

  • Deposit and Payment

    Deposits are required to secure a place in person classes and full payment is required in online courses, which are refundable within the contract terms. Prices vary based on the delivery mode and subject taken.

  • The enrollment process is more or less the same, regardless of being a domestic or international student, or full-time versus part-time. A completely filled out application form is required to begin with.

  • Steps:


    1. Please submit the application form along with proof of identity. International students will be required to forward a scanned copy or photo of their passport, and status in Canada, if applicable.


    2. Domestic full-time students will have to submit an OSR transfer consent to their home school. Part-time domestic students only need to show that a prerequisite course has been successfully completed. For international students, transcripts of any prior secondary school courses taken will need to be submitted, and also notarized and translated into English, if applicable. The transcripts will be used to conduct the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process to determine the starting point within the OSSD.


    3. Once accepted, all students will be given an acceptance letter, outlining the terms and conditions for study and detailing tuition fees for full-time and part-time international students. International students may choose to start OSSD courses online before coming to Canada or complete the entire program online before
    applying directly to Canadian and other foreign universities.


    4. Students who choose to accept the offer of admission will be given online login details and will be required to make a deposit online, which will be counted towards their tuition fees.

  • JEZFI Academy offers online course credits based on the Schoology platform, which is relatively simple to navigate. Each course also includes detailed instructions on how to proceed through the course. There are minimum technical requirements, both software and hardware, that students are expected to meet, to ensure an effective experience online.

  • Software

    In addition to a reliable internet connection, a suitable interface is required to view the course content. Suitable devices include smartphones, tablets, and laptop or desktop computers. The school website and Moodle platform is viewable on Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems. At least Windows 10 or the latest Mac OS are recommended, along with the latest version of a web browser, such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader are also required to view documents in .doc or .pdf formats.

  • Hardware

    Speakers and microphones are required for conversations and meetings with peers and teachers. Webcams may also be required for examinations in specific courses.